What utilities does BRC20BOT Offer?

Currently, BRC20BOT boasts a functional bridge connecting Bitcoin network from in and out. This allows users to effortlessly rotate funds between their preferred chains using our Telegram bot, which is both convenient and privacy-oriented. Additionally, BRC20BOT provides an inscription bot that enables users to deploy, mint, and transfer BRC-20 tokens, as well as create inscriptions/ordinals and tracking addresses.

What Are the Benefits of Holding $BRCBOT?

At the moment there is not direct utilities to $BRCBOT but rest assured, our upcoming Revenue share feature will soon be enabled, allowing users to perceive a pourcentage through the taxes (1% will be dedicated to holders) which means that for $100,000 of volume, $1000 will be spread among holders, so let's take a quick example : - If you hold 1% of the supply (10,000,000 $BRCBOT), you will then receive 1% of the $1000, so $10.

What Are the Token Fees for $BRCBOT?

The token fees for $BRCBOT are set at 4% for both buys and sells, necessitating a minimum slippage of 4.4% for token swaps. A detailed breakdown of our fees is available in the tokenomics section. A simplified version is as follows:

  • 2% allocated to development and marketing.

  • 2% dedicated to the team.

How Can I Purchase $BRCBOT?

$BRCBOT can be acquired using any wallet extension of your choice by inputting our contract address into a decentralized exchange (DEX). For an easier experience, you can use the link provided to navigate to Uniswap, where our contract address is pre-entered, allowing you to simply input an ETH amount and swap. Or you can click here to navigate to Uniswap with our contract supplied.

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